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Cybersecurity: Protecting your Online Presence

Facebook and other social media sites have recently been hit with a massive hacking issue where people’s profiles start to display disgusting images and videos. While most hacking and malware is just for fun, some criminal syndicates hack into important information like password and social security numbers to gain access to your money. Luckily, there are ways you can protect your personal computer as well as your company from cyber-crime.

Anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam software

These are the basics of computer security just as locks are to doors. You can find the software free online or pay a small fee to get the advanced versions for more security. While anti-virus protects your computers from viruses and destructive malware, anti-spyware software keeps Trojans from stealing your data. Since an email spam is the most common way to transport viruses into your computer, anti-spam software will stop this transport dead in its tracks.

Set up a firewall

Firewall is like security guards in a company to limit any direct backdoor access to your computer or websites. A firewall limits connection between the internet and the local network at the same time scanning packets for signatures of viruses to keep them out.

Update software regularly

If you have the above software in place, all you have to do is update them regularly. On top of that though, you must update your operating system regularly as well to enhance patching, fix any existing issues and improve its performance.

Turn off autorun

When you insert a CD or USB on your computer, it is normal to get a pop-up requesting that you run the software. While this is okay sometimes, installation of software should only be done when necessary not every time you insert something. Disabling the auto-run feature will ensure no unauthorized malware sneaks into your computer through CDs.

Use Virtual Private Network [VPN]

VPN protects your computers from many threats including encrypting all the traffic between your computer and the network. Though there are plenty of sites that provide VPN services, you should seek professional help to get the right VPN for your needs.

Encrypt files

You can either encrypt your data using one of the many available software or hackers can steal it and encrypt it for you. When data is encrypted, even if someone hacks into the system to steal it, they won’t be able to use it because of the encryption.

Avoid free public Wi-Fi

If you must use public Wi-Fi, make sure you don’t access confidential data or log into private accounts. Public Wi-Fi is mostly unprotected and many hackers can easily get access to your computer through the server.

Apart from implementing the above steps to keep hackers and viruses at bay, you should also educate all employees and users on possible threats and how to curb them. Everybody should always be on the look-out for abnormal computer behavior and make a habit of using the phone to confirm or ask confidential information instead of emails.

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