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Slow Down In Stormy Weather

Slow Down in Stormy Weather

Most motorists remember from their driver’s test that they’re supposed to slow down in stormy weather conditions. It’s a safety rule that very few follow in a world where time is money and people are rushing to get to their…

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Crossing The Road! Wildlife Causing Accidents

Crossing the Road! Wildlife Causing Accidents

Florida is a state rich in wildlife. On the open road, the state’s wildlife can cause accidents for drivers that don’t take precautions. A collision with Florida’s numerous wildlife species can result in serious damage to vehicles, significant injuries, and…

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Cars That Stand The Test Of Time

Cars That Stand the Test of Time

A vehicle is a major expense and owners expect their conveyance to last beyond the day they make the last payment. Unlike the cars and trucks of the past, today’s vehicles contain complex systems and devices, along with complicated computer…

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