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What Is Malpractice Insurance?

What is malpractice insurance?

Here in Florida, doctors are generally required to purchase medical malpractice insurance if they want to practice and offer medical services of any kind.  If they are hoping to have hospital privileges, they will need to purchase at least $250,000…

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A Brief History Of Insurance In The USA

A Brief History of Insurance in the USA

Here in the USA, we have the great Benjamin Franklin to thank for introducing us to insurance as we know it today.    In 1751, Franklin and the Union Fire Company met with other Philadelphia fire-fighting companies to discuss the formation…

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8 Ways To Stop Employees From Burning Out

8 ways to stop employees from burning out

Your staff is the most important part of your business.  Taking care of your employees is just as important as the services your offer, and you should implement policies that ensure your workforce is as motivated and well looked after…

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