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Hurricane Lessons: Why you Need Flood Insurance

From the initial storm surge to when a hurricane makes landfall, Florida residents are all too familiar with the flooding that occurs with the tropical storms. There are three essential things that people new to Florida don’t understand when purchasing a home that could potentially be in the path of a hurricane.

  • Flood damage from a hurricane isn’t covered by homeowners insurance
  • Homes in areas designated as a flood zone are required to have flood insurance by lenders
  • A flood insurance policy is needed to cover any flood damage arising from a hurricane

Even if you don’t live in a designated flood zone, Florida is positioned at a low elevation and is at the mercy of multiple types of storms and rainfall amounts. You can buy a flood policy from a private insurer or through the National Flood Insurance Program.

While there are many areas designated as a high-risk location, if you live on or near the beach, river or lake, flood insurance becomes even more important. Hurricanes bring storm surges, heavy rains, and wind-driven water that can trigger events ranging from landslides and mudflows to sinkholes.

A homeowner’s policy will cover water damage from events such as a burst pipe or leaky water heater, but not hurricanes. Some insurers exclude wind damage from a hurricane from policy coverage. You may want to consider adding a sewer backup endorsement to your homeowner’s policy, along with coverage for temporary relocations and evacuation-associated costs while your house is unlivable.

Without a flood insurance policy, you can easily find yourself shouldering enormous costs associated with restoring or replacing a home. Water from a hurricane and the resultant flooding can affect every inch of your home. It pays to compare costs to ascertain if you’ll get the best rates from a private insurance company or the National Flood Insurance Program. It’s not a question of if a hurricane will cause flooding, but when.

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