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How To Insure Your Jewelry

How to Insure Your Jewelry

It doesn’t matter whether you have one valuable piece of jewelry or 100, you need to insure it against loss, damage, fire and theft. The cost to insure jewelry is relatively inexpensive, usually 1 to 2 percent of the value…

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How Inflation Is Affecting Insurance

How Inflation is Affecting Insurance

Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain issues, and supply and demand are all factors influencing inflation. The cost of everything from food and gas to healthcare has increased and the price of insurance hasn’t escaped unscathed. It’s a complicated…

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Can An Unborn Baby Be Insured?

Can an Unborn Baby be Insured?

There are no life insurance policies that will provide coverage for an unborn child in the U.S., though they are available in other parts of the world. Life insurance policies are designed to pay for funeral costs, final financial obligations,…

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How To Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

How to Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

Homeowners insurance provides essential protection for your home and possessions. It can also be expensive depending on your location, the cost to build the structure and other variables. There are actions you can take to help keep your insurance rates…

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Insurance Agent Vs. Broker

Insurance Agent vs. Broker

Anyone in need of insurance for any reason typically seeks the advice of an insurance agent, but there are other options of which people should be aware. They can shop for insurance through an insurance agent or an insurance broker.…

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Niche Insurance Policies For Specific Things

Niche Insurance Policies for Specific Things

Individuals are familiar with home, life, auto and business insurance, but there’s a whole other realm of things for which people desire protection. Niche insurance policies are becoming more popular and insurance companies have been quick to comply. Whether real…

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Why Invest In Umbrella Insurance For Accidents

Why Invest in Umbrella Insurance for Accidents

Simply put, umbrella insurance is additional coverage that provides protection above and beyond existing coverage and the limitations of other policies. It provides coverage for injuries, certain types of lawsuits, personal liability, and a variety of other situations that aren’t…

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Can Insurance Companies Drop Coverage?

Can Insurance Companies Drop Coverage?

Insurance companies can and do drop coverage. In Florida, insurance carriers are doing it with homeowners’ insurance to keep from paying out on catastrophic losses, primarily due to hurricanes and the resultant flooding. It’s a trend that’s finding increasing traction…

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