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Trips You Don’t Need Travel Insurance For

No matter what your travel destination, airlines and cruise ships will have insurance you can buy before departing. Travel insurance can vary greatly among airlines and it may be unnecessary and a waste of money.

Travel insurance is a complex, complicated and convoluted type of policy and you need to be aware that nearly 40 countries make travel insurance a pre-requisite for entry. The following are some types of trips when you don’t need travel insurance.

Business Trips

If you’re traveling for business, your company is responsible for the cost and your firm’s healthcare insurance will pick up the bill if you’re injured. You’ll also have Workers’ Compensation to cover lost wages and medical costs. The exception is if you’re self-employed and traveling for business. You’ll definitely want to consider airline insurance in that situation.

Cheap Trips

When the cost of your trip is $5,000 or less and you can afford losing the cost of the trip without a hardship, then you can probably pass on the insurance. However, most policies are focused on trip delays, medical evacuations, and luggage problems, which ultimately makes the decision more of a personal choice.

One Component Coverage

Travel plans designed to cover just one element of your trip, such as tours and excursions to museums or beaches, aren’t worth the money. They’re typically on the low end of pricing and few people ever file a claim in relation to them anyway.

No Expense Vacations

These are trips you take to a destination where evacuations, medical insurance and similar concerns aren’t an issue. It’s the type of trip where you’ll be staying with relatives and they’ll most likely be furnishing transportation.

Miles and Points

Using your miles or points to pay for a trip can save you money, but travel insurance typically doesn’t cover travel booked with your points or miles.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Travel insurance will have exclusions. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that’s on the list of exclusions, then forgo the insurance. It won’t pay for emergency coverage or costs related to mental health issues.

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