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World’s Weirdest Insurance Policies

The majority of people rely on their home, renter’s or auto policy to protect them from crime and damage on Halloween. However, some people believe they need extra protection for the truly unexpected. If you’re worried about a zombie apocalypse, werewolf attack, or being abducted by aliens, there might just be a policy for you.


Recent documents released by the U.S. government on UFOs have fueled even more speculation about other worldly visitors. There are actually policies written for those afraid of alien abduction. It won’t prevent you from being abducted, and it’s going to be extremely difficult for your beneficiary to prove that you were taken by aliens.

Buried Alive

This was added to malpractice policies in Honduras after a 16-year-old girl was pronounced dead. While visiting her grave, her husband heard her screaming and convinced officials to uncover the coffin. They were too late.

Lock Ness Monter

In 1971, the Scottish whiskey company, Cutty Sark, promised a $4.2 million reward for anyone that caught the legendary beast. They were afraid someone might actually do it, so bought a policy to make the insurer cover the cost The catch of the day had to be verified by the National History Museum.

Poltergeist Problems

A tavern owner in England bought a $500 a year policy against ghosts causing injury to his customers. The poltergeist is said to throw glasses at patrons in the 500-year-old establishment.

Werewolf, There Wolf

Lloyds of London offers policies that protect against werewolf, vampire and zombie attacks. The company doesn’t divulge statistics, but more than 60,000 people have supposedly purchased a policy.

Get Practical About Halloween

The likelihood that you’ll need any of those policies or protections are remote. When it comes to Halloween and staying safe, just take common sense precautions to protect the aliens, ghosts and zombies you’ll encounter during trick-or-treating.

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