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Decorating Vehicles for the Holidays

For many South Florida residents, decorating for the holidays includes dressing up their vehicles. It’s not illegal to trick out your car in Christmas splendor. However, before decking out your car or truck, be aware that there are some laws governing where colored lights can be placed, along with light colors that are prohibited.

Wreaths, Reindeer and Santa

You can hang any of those items on the grille work of your car or trunk for the holidays. Just make sure they don’t block or cover up your license plate or any of the lights on your vehicle.

Light Colors

It’s illegal to place strands of Christmas lights on your vehicle. Additionally, Florida prohibits the use of red lights on the front of vehicles as the color is reserved for emergency vehicles. If you hang a wreath or other decoration on the front of your vehicle, make sure it doesn’t contain red lights. Blue lights are also prohibited as the color is reserved for law enforcement.

Underglow Lights

Also known as underbody or neon lights, they’re permissible, but there are restrictions on their luminosity levels. Flashing, oscillating or moving lights are illegal. Blue lights are specifically forbidden, and motorists should avoid red lights.

It’s a Distraction

While it may be legal to adorn your vehicle, there’s a very good reason to refrain. The sight of a wreath or other brightly colored symbol of the season can be very distracting, especially to oncoming drivers. The eyes are automatically drawn to them, causing a momentary distraction. It may only be a short lapse of attention, but it can be enough to result in an accident.

You should know that traffic accidents increase during the holiday season, many of which result in severe injuries and disability, with. 9 percent being fatal. People are already distracted with planning parties, family gatherings, abbreviated work schedules, attending church services and shopping, along with heavier and unpredictable traffic. They don’t need any added distractions to take their attention away from defensive driving.

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