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Prepare Your Florida Home for Hurricane Season

How To Prepare Your Florida Home And Property For The Hurricane Season 2018.

For most of the USA, the summer months bring long vacations and a much-needed chance to rewind and recharge.  Here in Florida though, the period from June 1st until Nov. 30 is Hurricane season, and our beautiful city and the surrounding area have been known to take a battering from Mother Nature during these times.

If you are a Florida resident you have probably come through some truly awful storm seasons and know just what to do to protect your home and property from the brunt of the storm.  If, however, you are new to the area or own a vacation property down here, you may not be sure how to best protect yourselves and your property in case the worst should happen.

Here are some useful ideas and strategies to keep your home and property safe during the storm season 2018.

Fix Storm Shutters To Your Windows

In the event of high winds, it is usually your windows that will surrender to the storm first.  Not only will blown out windows expose your home to the elements, flying glass can also be dangerous for anyone inside.  Attach storm shutters to all of your windows to help minimize the risk of broken and lost windows panels.

Seal Your Doors And Windows

Because flooding is always a very real risk when it comes to hurricanes, you should try and make your home or property as watertight as possible.  Seal around doors and windows with a weather resistant outdoor caulk, and adjust the door threshold for a tight seal to ensure a really good waterproof seal is created.

Take Care Of Trees

Taking care of tree trimming and removal of dead trees is best done right before hurricane season hits. If you know a storm is forecast, trimming and cutting down trees will leave debris to fly everywhere and possibly cause damage. This limits the risk of damage caused by flying shrubs or tree debris and will help speed up the cleanup operation.

Bring Things In

If there is a storm warning in place, it is time to bring in all of your garden furniture, pool seating, BBQ grills and decorations as well as your garbage bins. Keep them stored somewhere securely until the storm has passed.

Lower Your Pool

Strong winds and torrential rain will quickly turn your tranquil pool into a choppy ocean in your own backyard.  Lower the water six inches in your pool, add extra chlorine, and turn off electricity to the pool pump to prevent further flooding and pollution. If possible, you should also cover the pool with a secure pool cover until the storm has passed.

Use Your Garage

Most of the year the weather in Florida is just perfect for keeping your boats or trailers outside.  But when the storm season sets in, consider storing them inside your garage to prevent them becoming dangerous air bound articles of destruction.  Likewise, if you have a boat on the water, firmly lash them to the ground or mooring before the storm arrives.

Don’t Forget To Make Changes Indoors too

If your home or property is at risk of flooding, try and keep the ground floor levels as empty as possible. Move tables and chairs to upper floors and pack belongings in watertight boxes that can be stored up high.

Finally, make sure you have comprehensive home insurance coverage and/or special windstorm coverage that will protect you against any losses that may be incurred as a result of hurricane or storm damage.  Speak to the experts at The Sena Group today at 561-391-4661, to find the right hurricane insurance for your Florida home.

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