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5 Backyard Activities That Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

Your backyard offers a myriad of fun activities to do in warm weather. You may have a swimming pool or a trampoline in your back. All these are a wonderful and fun addition for you and your family, but did you take a minute to look at your homeowner’s insurance fine print? Some fun activities pose a great source of danger and injury which may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

It is wise to find out which activities these are and how they affect your insurance rates

  1. Trampolines

Jumping on trampolines can be a blast. It is a fun activity that is being replicated even across theme parks across different states. Trampolines, however, pose a great chance of injury to you, your family members as well as visiting friends. There have been documented incidents of children getting fractures just by jumping on trampolines. As you are applying for your homeowner’s insurance policy, find out from your agent how having a trampoline will affect your rates. It is also good to find out whether the insurance policy will cover any injuries gotten from using the trampoline.

  1. Swimming pools

A swimming pool in the backyard offers endless possibilities of fun activities. From having poolside parties to just lazing around in the pool on a sunny afternoon, the fun never ends. If the pool is a new addition to the backyard, it is good to contact your insurance agent to find out if it is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Accidents around and in the pool are bound to happen, be sure to have this eventuality covered in your policy.

  1. Barbecue Pits

A well-designed barbecue pit area in the backyard is a fun place to hang out with friends and family. Barbecue pits come with the danger of fire, and fire-related injuries. Is this covered by your homeowner’s insurance? Find a policy that will safeguard your entire home in totality.

  1. Growing exotic plants

The backyard is a great place to practice gardening. For gardening aficionados, it is also a great place to grow exotic plants that may cause horrible allergic reactions to people. Some exotic plants could be poisonous and may cause irritation or a life-threatening allergic reaction if one gets into contact with them. Check if your medical insurer will cater for any such medical emergency caused by exotic plants.

  1. Keeping pets

Pets such as dogs and cats thrive in the backyard because there is lots of space. In the event you or your neighbor gets bitten, will your insurer offer compensation? Find this out when you decide to keep pets in your backyard. Also, check if your pet is labeled as a dangerous breed. Some dog breeds will raise your rates or get your coverage denied.


If you find that your current insurer does not cover most of these activities, it would be prudent to consider combining policies. Research and find which insurance companies give you the best in terms of umbrella liability to shield you in case of any form of loss. Call up an insurance agent near you and get started on this process, if you had left out any of these important facts.

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