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8 ways to stop employees from burning out

Your staff is the most important part of your business.  Taking care of your employees is just as important as the services your offer, and you should implement policies that ensure your workforce is as motivated and well looked after as it can be.

Here are 8 excellent ways to prevent your employees from burning out:

Define expectations

One of the most common reasons for dissatisfaction in the workplace is job roles that have no clear definition.  This means that there oftentimes workers are doing too much or too little during their working day, which ultimately leads to conflict.

Outline each role precisely and ensure that your workers clearly understand what is expected of them, as well as who they can turn to for help and who they can approach if they feel they are unable to complete the tasks allocated to them.

Communicate with them

Following on from the above, your staff need feedback about their performance as well as the opportunity to voice their own concerns and feelings.  Regular meetings are a must to ensure that you all work as a team and that every member of staff feels fully enfranchised.

Acknowledge their successes

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and if your team members are positively contributing to your work environment, it is fully up to you to tell them so.  A good leader can find solid evidence of skills or accomplishments in even the most mundane tasks, meaning that every member of the team will deserve to be recognized at some point.

Find out what motivates them

Every member of your staff will be motivated by different things.  Some will enjoy the recognition of being publicly rewarded, while others may prefer a more private accolade.

It goes without saying that money, success, and happiness are the main motivators for most people, but find everyday extras that your crew enjoy to help them feel more motivated and less frazzled.

Encourage Stress Relievers

 Managing stress is a really important part of avoiding professional burnout.  As an employer, you should always be looking for ways in which you can help your workers manage and reduce their stress levels.  There are many ways to do this, but some successful ones include:

  • Offering gym facilities or exercise classes on site
  • Encouraging team building days
  • Allowing flexible working hours
  • Dress down Fridays and other casual occasions
  • Distance working for those with long commuting times
  • Training and guidance on self-care and wellbeing
  • Access to mental health professionals should they need them

 Make downtime matter

 Many organizations focus too much on how productive staff can be while they are at work, and actually forget that time away from work can be productive too.  We all need a reset sometimes, and a day, a week or even more vacation time can help us to unwind and avoid burnout, as well as refocusing our minds to come back feel brand new.

Increase training opportunities

Training doesn’t just have to be about learning new skills or tasks, it can also be as simple as finding better ways to cope with your workload or being more productive.

Time management courses, customers service programs and many more can all help your staff to feel valued, while also ensuring that they have the tools they need to work smarter.

Reward them often

Rewards can be as simple as a boss that brings in bagels for all, or as exciting as a pay rise.  Whether you simply offer free food, drinks, access to facilities or other daily perks or offer them an annual bonus to reward exceptional performance, all workers are less likely to suffer from burnout if they feel appreciated and valued.

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