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Home Repairs that Should not be Ignored

Even the most conscientious homeowner may be tempted to put off a repair until it “gets a little worse” or “when I get the time.” What may seem like a minor problem can evolve into a major issue costing thousands of dollars if it’s not repaired promptly and is some instances, the consequences can be deadly.

Gas Leak

Even though gas lines that flow to homes are inspected, there are any number of situations that can result in a leak. Pipes can corrode over time, seals weaken, foundations may crack, or flooding occurs. Gas is odorless so companies place a chemical in it to help make it detectable. Any time an individual smells the telltale rotten egg smell of gas, it should be reported and people moved to a safe distance upwind. Gas doesn’t dissipate. It builds up and a single spark can initiate a devastating explosion.

Electrical Issues

Flickering or dimming lights, buzzing, smoking, throwing circuit breakers, and lightbulbs that frequently go out are all signs of a problem. It could be a sign of wires that have frayed or been chewed, the electrical system is under too much of a load, or damage has been done due to surges, an outage, or nearby electrical strike. All of those situations can result in a fire.


Rodents, termites or bedbugs – it doesn’t matter what the pest is, they can cause significant damage to the home and affect the health of everyone in it. Preventative measures and early intervention is they manage to slip under the radar is the key. Termites weaken structures, bedbugs affect health, and rodents often chew wood and wiring. It’s best to get the services of a professional.

Roof Problems

That damaged shingle may not seem like a lot, but moisture enters every time it rains. It spreads to all the surrounding surfaces and flows downhill, rotting and weakening the structure’s integrity.

Leaky Pipes

If water bills begin to inexplicably increase, water pressure is weak, or unknown stains are discoloring walls or ceilings, it’s time to hire a plumber. The same is true if moisture from an unknown source is found in the basement.

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