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Non-Fault Accident

Will a Non-Fault Accident Cause my Rates to Increase?

Today’s insurance isn’t quite like the coverage of old. In times gone past, if you were involved in an accident, you could look forward to having your insurance rates automatically increase. The change to no-fault insurance changed that, but there are still some instances in which you might see your rates increase following an accident.

If you live in Florida, your car insurance isn’t supposed to increase unless you were found to be “substantially at fault.” Simply put, if your insurance company doesn’t have to pay out any money for vehicle repairs or medical expenses, premiums won’t increase after an accident.

Another factor influencing whether your rates will increase is the number of previous claims you may have made. If you were responsible for causing an accident in the past, your rates have the potential to increase by as much as 10 percent – the amount will depend on your insurer.

Non-Fault Accident

Even if you’re involved in a fender bender that’s not your fault, if you file a claim to have any damage repaired, you could see your rates increase. The actual amount of the damage isn’t really relevant to the insurance company – just whether they have to put out any money. In 2020, rates after a no-fault accident increased by an average of $67 in 2020, but some went up by $1,000.

Additionally, the accident will appear on your driving record, even though you weren’t at fault. The event will stay on your driving record for an average of 3 to 5 years. More serious offenses can remain for up to 10 years. If the at-fault driver flees the scene of an accident and you have to file a claim, that can boost your costs.

Drivers that see a significant increase in their rates following a no-fault accident may want to consider shopping elsewhere for their auto insurance. The downside is that the incident will still be on your driving record and other insurance companies will take that into account when setting your rates. Ask any new insurer if they have a surcharge for a no-fault accident. Even if they do, it could be more cost-effective than the rates under your previous insurance carrier.

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