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Is it Worth Insuring Your Pets?

Pet insurance is an increasingly popular option for keeping pets healthy, treating injuries, and addressing unforeseen health issues and accidents. However, the value of the insurance will depend on multiple factors that includes what you hope to achieve with the policy, the type of pet you have, and how many.

Policies are typically offered in one of three levels – wellness care, accident only, and a combination of accident and illness, though there are some that offer full coverage. The policies usually require you to pay the veterinarian bill, then the insurer will reimburse you for their portion. Pet insurance has deductibles, monthly premiums, and caps per instance, just as human policies do.

The majority of companies offer policies that only cover a single pet, though there are a limited few that will allow you to cover all your pets under a single policy. Pet insurance is primarily designed to cover dogs and cats. If you have birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, snakes and other types of pets, you may not be able to purchase a policy to cover them.

If you’re trying to defray the cost of routine and preventative care, that type of coverage is usually only provided as a rider rather than a stand-alone policy. However, it will cover exams, vaccinations and medications – including for fleas and ticks. It may also cover microchip implants.

Accident only coverage can be beneficial for city dwellers where the potential for injuries is higher from cars or at the dog park. It can also be advantageous for those in rural areas where the danger from cars is common and a variety of predators may be present.

A combination accident and illness policy is especially advantageous for those living in a country environment. There’s a diversity of wildlife in rural areas and they have the potential to carry dangerous illnesses that can be passed to domestic animals.

A full coverage policy can cover wellness care, accidents and illnesses, along with behavioral issues, alternative therapies, chronic conditions and surgery. It can be especially beneficial if you have a breed that’s prone to hereditary or congenital conditions.

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