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Is a Supplemental Accident Policy Worth Having with Children?

Purchased in addition to a primary policy, a supplemental accident policy helps individuals pay major medical expenses that the primary policy won’t cover. It’s a type of gap insurance. There are multiple situations in which the additional coverage is welcome, but it’s not necessarily the best fit for everyone. The choice to purchase the insurance is a personal decision and rely on several factors.

Kids Will Be Kids

Children don’t have the ability to make good decisions when it comes to dares from other children or realize the potential consequences of their own actions. Beyond that, 9.2 million children are taken to the emergency room each year according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They can be struck by an object, injured in car accidents, experience animal bites, or be stung by bees and suffer an allergic reaction. Falls from shopping carts, strollers, furniture, and play equipment is common, along with falls due to slippery floors and stairs.

Sports/Recreational Activities

Injuries are almost a given when youngsters participate in sports. They can range from minor scrapes and contusions to broken limbs, depending on the sport. Recreational activities such as rollerblading, bike riding and horseback riding also hold the potential for injuries.

Around the House

No matter how closely parents watch their children and baby proof a home, an accident can occur from many sources. Common childhood injuries arise from playing with matches or cigarettes, fireplaces, biting into electrical cords, and burns from hot cooking surfaces, food and steam. Children are often injured by attempting to cut foods with sharp kitchen knives and even drowning in kiddie pools.


Youngsters, especially younger children, try to put everything they encounter into their mouth. That can include vitamins, prescription medications, cleaning products and e-cigarettes. The list of hazards is almost limitless.

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