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Finding the Right Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Owning a motorcycle comes with some special considerations in Florida and the law can be very confusing. Florida doesn’t require insurance for motorcycles, but are required to carry $10,000 in medical coverage benefits. Riders can be held responsible financially for damages and medical costs if someone is injured.

Fully Featured Policy

It’s a good idea for motorcyclists in Florida to purchase a fully featured insurance policy, even though the state doesn’t require it. Motorcycle riders involved in an accident are at a higher risk for injuries and death. The policy provides coverage for injuries, repairs or replacement if the cycle is stolen, vandalized, damaged by weather, or in a collision with an animal.

A comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy also covers fire damage to the cycle and damage done to the property of others. The policies will obviously be more expensive than the state-required coverage. The policy may not cover accessories such as saddle bags or a fairing.

Individuals can speak with their car insurance provider about a fully featured policy. There are also multiple online resources where cycle riders can compare coverage and costs from a variety of different insurers. Some insurers offer discounts for things ranging from anti-theft devices, taking a safety course, or being a member of the police or military.

Things to Know

There are some important things that riders need to know about motorcycle insurance in Florida. The motorcycle medical coverage mandate can be obtained through a specific policy or a health insurance policy. The coverage amount is far less than what will typically be needed to address injuries sustained in a cycle accident. Riders will have to seek compensation for medical bills and lost income from the other driver.

No-fault insurance protection in Florida doesn’t apply to vehicles with less than 4 wheels and cycle insurance offers lower protections. Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage isn’t available for riders injured in a crash, even if they maintain PIP coverage on any of their other vehicles.

Cycle riders can be charged with penalties if they’re involved in a crash. Motorcyclists found to be at fault in an accident can face fines, lose their license, and have riding privileges suspended.

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