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Does Boat Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage

A boat can be covered for damage incurred from a hurricane, but it may not be automatically included in a standard policy. Boat owners will need to determine if their vessel is covered for hurricane damage in the policy they’re purchasing before signing on the dotted line.

Damage from hurricanes may be explicitly excluded from policies and be one of the many possible exclusions. Other conditions may also apply. Individuals can typically add hurricane protection, though it can significantly increase the cost.

Terms for boat coverage vary widely among insurers. Some may reimburse a portion of the cost to remove the vessel from the water and transport it to a secure storage facility – and a portion of the cost to relaunch it – providing the owner is under a hurricane warning. There’s no legal coverage amount boat owners must have, unless a loan was obtained to purchase it.

The good news is that boat insurance can be customized in a variety of ways and the options are much more extensive than when insuring a land vehicle. Add-on coverage for things like fuel spills, towing and wreckage removal are all options that can be selected.

Some insurers divide coverage into different categories. Liability only will cover property damage to others, but individuals will be responsible for repairs to their own vessel. Bodily injury covers medical-related injuries if the boat owner injuries someone else, but won’t pay for injuries to themselves. There’s also collision coverage, which pays for repairing the owner’s boat.

The best option is comprehensive insurance that covers virtually every contingency. It may provide actual cash value coverage or agreed upon value – an important distinction of which boat owners need to be aware. Since boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Florida, a comprehensive policy is the best way for individuals to protect themselves and their vessel. Be sure to check for discounts such as storing the boat in secure facilities or marinas and if hurricane damage is included.

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