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Do Swimming Pools Inflate the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance?

Insurers typically advise homeowners to increase their liability coverage to $500,000 if they
have a pool or are planning on installing one. There will definitely be an increase in the cost of
homeowner’s insurance. The amount that the policy will increase varies. The actual expense
will depend on the insurer and if its an in-ground, above ground or inflatable pool.
Value and Cost
A traditional swimming pool adds value to homes and provides a welcome respite from
summer heat, but it does mean that the cost of insurance will rise. Pools are expensive to
install, maintain, and a myriad of potential damage can occur, along with injuries to people.
Pools are a primary source of child fatalities due to drowning.
Covered Risks
Homeowner’s insurance will protect a pool against covered risks such as fire, hail, lightning
strikes, and vandalism. Some policies will also protect the pool against an explosion. Every
insurer is different and individuals will want to read their policy carefully to determine what’s
covered and what isn’t.
Inflatable Pools
Traditional pools must be surrounded by an approved fence with self-locking gates and the
same rules apply to an inflatable pool. Inflatables are a popular alternative due to a lower cost
investment. Many individuals don’t bother notifying their insurer that they have an inflatable
pool or install safety measures since fencing and a locking gate easily surpasses the cost of the
Inflatable pools are often left up year-round and left unattended, presenting an ongoing
drowning hazard. Individuals should be aware that they have the same liability issues with an
inflatable as a traditional pool
Protection for All
No matter what type of pool a family decides to utilize, the cost of a homeowner’s policy will
increase. Repair and replacement of a pool, along with potential medical costs if someone is
injured, represents a major cost to insurers. Increasing the amount of insurance coverage to
include the pool is something no one should neglect.

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