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Top Safety Tips for Driving at Night

Despite having more people on the road during daylight hours, the most dangerous time to
drive is at night. Daylight saving time (DST) increases the risk due to fatigued motorists trying to
adjust to the time change. There’s also a documented 6 percent increase in fatal accidents after
the time switch.
Peripheral vision, depth perception and color recognition are all impaired during hours of
darkness. The glare of headlights can temporarily blind drivers, even those with perfect vision.
There are a number of basic precautions that every driver can employ to increase safety while
driving at night.
 Headlights should be clean, clear, and properly aimed and aligned
 Dim the lights on the dashboard
 Don’t look directly at oncoming headlights – drivers should avert their gaze without
taking eyes off the road
 Windows that are dirty and have road film impair vision – be careful not to leave streaks
when cleaning windows
 Slow down to account for limited vision distances at night
 Don’t drive when tired
Eye Check
An aspect that many individuals don’t consider is their vision. It requires more light to see at
night. As people age, eyesight naturally begins to deteriorate, but decreased vision can occur at
any age. When vision lose is minor, individuals typically don’t realize that they’re impaired.
According to the American Optometry Association, older individuals may also have beginning
cataracts that go unnoticed, along with degenerative eye disease.
No one wants to admit that their vision is deteriorating. Losing their license and taking away
their independence is one of the biggest fears of older people. The Association recommends
that older drivers:
 Have a yearly eye exam
 Reduce their speed
 Minimize distractions such as listening to the radio or talking to passengers
 Limit night driving
 Check with their doctor about side effects of prescription medications
Multiple Dangers

Motorists are faced with a myriad of potential dangers on the road from individuals that are
impaired due to drugs or alcohol to rush hour traffic. Vigilance, preventative strategies, and
precautionary measures are required to stay safe.


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