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Should I Insure a Golf Cart?

The Sunshine State doesn’t require you to carry insurance on your golf cart. However, if it’s a street legal golf cart, the state does require that you carry liability insurance. Even though it’s not required, there are some very good reasons to fully insure your golf cart. The policies share similarities with auto coverage and multiple coverage options are available.

Increased Demand

Before you decide to purchase a golf cart, you should know that the desire for the vehicles is making it difficult for dealers to keep up with demand. It’s made insuring your golf cart even more important than ever before.

Protect Your Investment

Golf carts have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation for many people. The customizable nature of the vehicles is an additional attraction. Golf carts can cost thousands and customization can cost several thousand more. It’s a significant investment that you need to protect.

Accidents do Happen

Even though golf carts are relatively slow-moving vehicles, the sheer number of the carts being used increases the risk of an accident, property damage and the potential for injuries. An average of 18,000 golf cart accidents occurs each year in Florida. A golf cart policy covers you for those instances.

Theft is a Problem

The popularity of golf carts has led to a booming market in thefts. There are a number of anti-theft devices that can be installed to aid in prevention, but an insurance policy is the best protection. An estimated 25,000 golf carts are stolen in the state each year.

Fire and Vandalism

Depending on your coverage, your golf cart is covered in the event of a fire or if the vehicle is vandalized. Policies can also provide coverage against falling objects such as trees and branches.

Uninsured Motorist

The number of uninsured and under insured motorists in Florida is substantial. Your insurance will cover the golf cart to the limits of the policy in an accident. You’ll also be covered to the limits of the policy should an uninsured motorist decide to sue you for property damage or medical expenses.

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