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Home Security Tips

Home security is important around the clock The following are simple security tips that everyone can employ to help keep their home safer and mitigate the potential of becoming a statistic.


Avoid blocking windows with shrubs or other plants that provide a hiding spot. Clear or cut back plants that offer potential cover for intruders and thieves.

Stay Well-Lit

Burglars and thieves don’t like the light. Keep the areas round your home well-lit and use them in combination with motion detectors. Also consider using timers on indoor lights or smart lighting options that can be controlled from your phone to give the appearance that someone is home. Never open the door if you can’t see who is on the other side.

Don’t Post About New Acquisitions

You may be proud of your new sound system or high-tech electronics, but don’t post about it on social media. Avoid placing boxes out with the trash so you’re not advertising your new acquisitions. If you’re expecting a package, make sure you’re there to accept it or have it delivered to your workplace.

Protect Assets

Don’t leave expensive lawn equipment, trailers and recreational vehicles out in the yard. Park them in a garage or outbuilding. A privacy or security fence is a great way to keep items out of sight, especially if you don’t have a garage. Don’t place indoor valuables where they can be viewed from outside and the same is true for alarm system panels.

Establish an Indoor Safety Routine

A routine of performing the same safety checks will help keep your home safe. Things to include in your routine includes locking doors, closing windows and turning on a security system if you have one – each and every time you leave your home and before you go to bed. Never leave a spare key outside.

Know Your Neighbors

Acquaint yourself with your neighbors and note the vehicles they drive. It will be easier for you to recognize people and vehicles that aren’t a normal part of your neighborhood, along with any suspicious behavior.

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