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Best Home Improvements For Homeowners Discounts

If you are planning to make some improvements to your home then you have the perfect opportunity to make changes that could earn you lower insurance premiums. Yes, that’s right. The trick, however, lies in knowing which particular improvements to your home will provide you with the biggest discounts. After all, some improvements will have no effect at all and others could see you actually paying more.

Read on to see what you need to focus on.

  1. Installing fire detection and prevention systems

Fire is a big threat to homes. Insurance companies face thousands of fire claims each year around the country. So if you make your home safer against the risks of fire, that could earn you great insurance discounts. One of the best improvements you can make in this regard is to install fire detection equipment such as fire alarms. Automatic fire prevention systems such as sprinkler systems are an even greater plus because they reduce chances of fire-related damage.

  1. Installing alarm systems

Another undoubted home improvement that will earn you sweet discounts from your insurer is an alarm security system. Modern alarm systems will keep your home safer and therefore reduce various risks. Most alarm systems today will detect fire, smoke, movement, and even flooding. Purchasing a monitored alarm service will earn you even greater discounts because a response team will be dispatched should your alarm ever go off.

  1. Using fire-proof building materials

Still, on fire, another home improvement that could ease your premiums is rebuilding using non-combustible building materials. For example, swapping your timber trusses for steel frames or replacing your wood panel walls for concrete siding. Should a fire break out, your insurer knows that your home will sustain less damage as a result of these improvements so you earn lower premiums. Other great building materials to apply here include stone and brick.

  1. New roofing

Lots of homeowners dread having to replace their roofs. However, one perk of doing so is that you get to earn a discounted insurance package. A roof is a critical part of any home’s structure. A modern roof safeguards your home better against theft, fire, hails, storms, hurricanes, and leaks. And your insurer knows this so they are willing to lessen the strain on your homeowner’s insurance if you upgrade your roof.

  1. Renovated A/C systems

Air conditioning is another key area that insurers usually watch out for when it comes to risks within the house. Cooling your home is absolutely necessary in South Florida so the proper size unit for the home will help save on energy costs in the long run. Having the proper insulation and air ducts to move the flow of air is equally important. An old A/C unit and damaged air ducts can cost hundreds of extra dollars in utility costs.  As a result, if you renovate your air conditioning system chances are that you’ll earn marginal discounts on your insurance premiums.

  1. Renovated plumbing

Water damage is another big concern when it comes to property damage and insurance claims. And water can cause a lot of damage to a home. Areas of concern here include old piping, drain systems, bathroom piping, and leaks. That said, if you renovate your plumbing systems, you will surely get some relief when it comes to your insurance.

Planning to make home improvements? Make sure to focus on some of the above areas and save on your insurance premiums!

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