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Off Road Vehicle

Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Off-road vehicles have always been popular, but the array of off-road vehicles has expanded significantly over the past few years, along with the way they’re used. It’s important for individuals to understand what constitutes an off-road vehicle by insurance company standards. A dune buggy, golf cart, snowmobile, dirt bike and ATV are all considered an off-road vehicle.

Many off-road vehicles are used for leisure time activities, but they also double as work vehicles in rural areas and are often used when hunting. Some people race dirt bikes, use ATVs for sightseeing, or use golf carts for transportation on campuses and within housing complexes. There’s no end to the uses for which off-road vehicles can be placed.

Home Insurance

A homeowner’s policy provides little to no protection, depending on the policy, in regard to an off-road vehicle if someone is injured or property is damaged. Homeowners insurance may or may not cover injuries or property damage, even if individuals are operating the vehicle on their own property.


The insurance policy will typically include collision coverage that can help pay for the costs of repairing the vehicle. Some types of off-road vehicles can reach significant speeds, increasing the risk of hitting a tree, fallen branch, impacting with a fence, or even wildlife.


Bodily injury coverage will help pay for needed medical care should the driver or someone else sustain an injury.

Property Damage

If an individual damages a vehicle, fence, structure or other property feature, property damage coverage may help pay for any repairs to the other person’s items.


Off-road vehicles are often kept outdoors, increasing the risk of theft or damage due to storms. Comprehensive coverage will help cover the cost of any repairs and may even allow for replacement in the event it’s stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a fire – even while it’s in storage.

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