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Motorcycle Safety

Let’s face it. Although a motorcycle is cool, it is not as safe as a car. The popularity of motorcycles is high and many people love the biking lifestyle and the carefree feeling of being on the road. Nevertheless, they account for most of the road accidents and subsequent deaths due to lack of adherence to safety rules and regulations. Bikes are as fast as vehicles, but they lack the key safety features offered by cars. Although motorcycles may be less safe, motorcyclists can do numerous things to stay safe while riding. This article covers some of the tips that you can implement to stay safe while using a motorcycle.

  1. Wear a helmet

One of the things you need when riding a motorcycle is a helmet. Did you know that head injury is the main cause of death for most motorcycle riders? Well, a helmet will provide the protection you need. Make sure you wear the right helmet (the one that has been approved by the Department of Transportation). Your helmet shouldn’t be too loose or tight; it needs to fit perfectly. It should not obstruct your vision but cover your entire head. Choose a full-face helmet for more protection.

  1. Get proper gear

You can’t afford to dress casually while riding a motorcycle. There is a reason most bikers opt to wear leather; it is strong and protects your skin if you slide on the road surface. Moreover, you will be exposed to multiple road hazards such as bugs, rocks, and road debris. Your leather gear will offer the protection you need. A reflector and a good pair of gloves will also come in handy.

  1. Protect your feet

To ride safely, you need to wear the right shoes. You will be shifting gears, and your feet will be close to the exhaust system, which gets really hot. You want to wear sturdy shoes when riding a motorcycle to avoid burning your feet. Search for a pair with rugged soles since you can easily slip when you wear shoes with smooth soles. Get boots or shoes made of durable material such as leather for better protection.

  1. Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is dangerous, but it gets worse when one is riding a motorcycle.  To stay safe when riding, you must be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Remember that it is not easy for motorists to see you particularly those that are driving SUVs or large cars. Make sure you avoid them instead of betting on them seeing you. Also, do not wear headphones or use your phone while riding.

  1. Watch the Weather

Since motorcycles are not as stable as the cars, riding in the rain is riskier. You only have two wheels, meaning you will get less traction. Motorcycles also do not have windshield wipers so your visibility will be compromised. So before going for a ride, ensure you check the weather forecast. In case of snow, ice or heavy rain is predicted, leave your bike at home. However, if you must ride as it rains, do not leave immediately the storm starts. The moment rain first hits the road, oil and other residues come up, making the road very slippery.

Riding your motorcycle does not have to be dangerous anymore. With these tips, you will stay safe on the road and keep others safe as well. However, it is recommended to have insurance for your motorcycle from a trusted insurance provider.

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