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Planning for Your Future with The Sena Group

You never know what the future may hold. Planning for contingencies is a way to guard and protect yourself and those you love. The Sena Group offers an extensive array of financial services to help clients save now and protect their assets.

Health Insurance

Many employers provide health insurance for their employees, but it may not be adequate for your needs or those of your family. An increasing number of employers are choosing not to offer health insurance, only bare bones policies, or coverage with extremely high deductibles.

The Sena Group can help you obtain the coverage that best fits your needs and lifestyle. The insurance specialists can help you ascertain if you’re over or underinsured and if there are gaps in coverage. They can also determine if you’re insuring against emotional risks rather than those based in financial need and assist in managing risks.

Life Insurance

Specialists at The Sena Group can also help you assess those same variables when it comes to your life insurance policy. They can assist you in clarifying the type and scope of coverage you require for spousal/child support, burial costs, children’s education, and to pay off debts such as student loans, vehicles, mortgages and credit cards.

Policies are also available that accrue monetary value. They’re valuable as a vehicle for savings and you can borrow against them to start a business, for investments, and other opportunities. They can be a very important part of a financial portfolio.

Auto Insurance

Car insurance is an immediate and regularly occurring expense. The Sena Group can reveal if you’re carrying too much or too little insurance and save on annual costs by adjusting deductibles. Check on discounts for bundling home and auto insurance, good grades for students, anti-theft systems, and military service.

Home Insurance

A home is one of your most valuable possessions and it’s also subject to a variety of potential damage. Insurance protects your possessions, against damage to the home from fire, theft, vandalism and some natural disasters. It also provides liability protection if someone is injured on your property.

Business Insurance

If you operate a commercial endeavor, business insurance is a necessity and there are many different types. It protects you if someone is injured at your place of business and against losses due to supply chain disruption. It provides coverage if you have business vehicles and you can offer insurance to employees. Business insurance from The Sena Group can be the difference between success and litigation that can bankrupt a company.

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