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Social Media And How Insurance Companies Use it Against You

Social media is a space that we use to declare our feelings to the world. We share and most times, overshare on what we are doing, with whom, where we are and where we are going. You cannot ignore the importance of social media when used with some restraint and forward thinking. Just because you find sharing something on social media fun does not mean everyone else will share the same sentiments as you.

Insurance companies have been known to go to great lengths to investigate if your story, in case of seeking a claim, adds up. Social media has been one of the places where people slip up by posting videos or stories that contradict their stand earlier shared with their insurance company.

These are some of the social media pitfalls to avoid, especially if they are in direct contravention of your insurance policy guidelines.

  • Setting your account status to public

Facebook and Instagram allow you to set your account views to either private only or public. When you choose a public setting, you open yourself up to scrutiny from anyone and everyone. If for instance, you are seeking compensation for an injury, which indicates that you cannot walk, and then you post a video of your early morning run, chances are that your insurer will pick this up and decline to compensate.

  • Playing online games for extended periods of time

It is fun to play online games like Candy Crush or Farmville. These games are incredibly enjoyable and time-consuming. The more time you spend playing these games means you are spending prolonged periods of time seated in front of a computer screen. If you are contesting a legal battle to require compensation from an employer for prolonged time in front of the computer screen affecting your eyesight, guess how the suit will go if your insurer found out how much time you actually spend online?

  • Beware of being denied coverage or dropped

It was recently reported that a women’s homeowners policy was being dropped because of the type of dog she owned. How did her insurance company know what type of dog she had? They saw pictures of her and her dog on Facebook. They deemed the dog as a dangerous breed and dropped her coverage. The woman did prove that the dog was not a dangerous breed and her coverage was reinstated but the point is they are watching!

How can you avoid these pitfalls?

Limit the time you spend on social media. This will not only save you from losing out on any insurance claims in the event of litigation, it will also make you a more productive individual in real life. Look for activities you enjoy away from the computer screen.

Keep your account settings on private. By choosing a private setting, you are limiting the number of people who can access your private information. Photos and videos you post can only be viewed by friends on your friend’s list in this setting.


You can never be too careful on social media. Hiring a social media sleuth is no mean feat for insurance companies. Keep your posts as private as possible, but it’s easy to break through your private barrier by posing as a long-lost friend. Therefore, post only what is necessary and will not be used against you in future. It is fun to keep sharing on social media but, the fun stops once the same posts become your downfall.

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