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Facts About Long-term Care Insurance

Facts About Long-term Care Insurance You Did Not Know And Why You Need It

It might be a difficult thing to envision yourself in need of long-term care at some point in your life. It is hard to see yourself in such a situation especially if you are in robust health. However, it is a very real dynamic that as you age or in the case of a chronic illness, you will need long-term care. Have you ever paused to ask yourself how you will pay for these services?

Buying long-term care insurance prepares you for such an eventuality. Long-term care is any of the services not offered by regular health insurance which includes daily routines like dressing, taking a bath, getting into and out of bed.

A long-term insurance policy will reimburse you when you receive any of these services in the event of a chronic disease. The reimbursement covers receiving these services at home, a nursing home, an assisted living facility and day care centers for adults.

Some facts you need to know about long-term care insurance include;

  1. Age of buying the insurance

You may be asking yourself if you qualify to buy this insurance at any age. There is no real cut-off age limit at which you can buy this insurance. You may need care at any age, especially if disease strikes. The older you are, however, the higher your annual premiums making it a more expensive undertaking. It is also advisable to buy the cover when you are younger and in good health, as this increases the chances of having your application approved.

  1. The cost of long-term care services

Long-term care services tend to be very expensive. And it is also impossible to predict how long a person may need long-term care. Costs vary from state to state, but you can be sure that paying for these out of pocket or your savings will drain you financially. Buying the long-term care insurance will save you from this kind of financial shock.

  1. Health factors that can disqualify you

Pre-existing health and mental conditions can disqualify you from buying the long-term care insurance coverage. Be sure to consult your insurance agent and disclose any pre-existing conditions beforehand. Most conditions will, however, pass this check, giving you eligibility for the cover.

  1. Tax incentives available

Tax laws in different states offer great incentives for you when you buy a long-term care insurance coverage. This is done to decrease the public’s reliance on public health care. Federal tax laws also offer great incentives. Find out which of these incentives apply to you and you will enjoy great savings when you buy your cover.


Having understood what long-term care insurance is, and who qualifies for it, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to buy it. Remember, buying insurance may seem like an expensive venture when you take it on, but its benefits pay off in the long run. Contact your local insurance agent today and find out more about the offer in your state.

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