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How to save money when adding a teen driver?

If your precious darlings are approaching the legal age to take their driving test, it is time to start looking around at how best to ensure that they are fully insured on the roads.

Young drivers are notoriously expensive to insure, and often the most cost-effective way to get them covered is by adding them to your existing policy. If you are looking for ways to keep the cost down without compromising on your coverage, try these top tips for saving money when adding a teen driver:

  1. Invest in a good driver’s training program

Statistics show that drivers between the ages of 16-19 are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash that drivers of 20 years or older.  While this is desperately worrying for every parent of a driving age child, it is also a fact that insurance companies are very well aware of.

Your child will be penalized for their youth and inexperience by way of over-priced insurance rates.  A drivers education program can make your teen driver more attractive to an insurance company, which can help to keep your rates down.

  1. Send them on a graduated driver licensing program

For many years now, individual states have offers graduated driver licensing programs that gradually ease teens into independent driving.  While this may not be the coolest idea that your teen will want to get on board with, 30-50 hours of supervised driving time prior to a restrictive license being issued will help to lower insurance premiums. You will need to be involved as well, and be sure to enforce the program at home, and record drive-log times as honestly as possible.

  1. Let your teen drive your car

As tempting as it may be to buy your young driver their very own car to keep them away from yours, it will actually cost you a small fortune to do so.

Having your teen drive your car means that they are a secondary driver, which keeps the premiums lower than if they were a primary driver of their own car. Having your teen share your car also helps to limit the amount of time they spend in it, which will reduce the risk of accidents.

  1. Shop around for teen discounts

When you add your teen, ask your existing insurance company about discounts for new drivers. Insurance companies will want to keep your business, so they will usually try and help you where possible. Students with good grades might be eligible for discounts, as well as those who take an approved safety course. If your teen goes away for school and doesn’t take the car, you might be able to get a discount for that, too.

  1. Let the insurance company see how well your teen drives

Black boxes allow insurance companies to see just how well your teen is driving.  These devices plug into a port under the dashboard and record how fast they drive, and how safe they are on the roads. Obviously, the better the driver, the lower the insurance premium.

These discounts are available to all drivers, but parents might find they are useful for monitoring their teens at the start of their driving career, as well as helping to keep the cost of insurance down.

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