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How do You Know if Your Claim Amount is Fair?

A primary concern after an auto accident is making a claim for damages and medical costs. Your car insurance will be responsible for paying medical expenses and assessing the extent of damages to your vehicle. Most people accept what’s offered without question, but before you accept any settlement it’s essential that you consider a variety of factors.

There are a number of reasons that a claim may not be as much as you expect or that you may only be able to claim part of the damage to your vehicle. If the insurance company adjuster believes that you were partially responsible for an accident, your claim may be lower than you anticipated. The adjustor has the insurance company’s best interests in mind, not yours.

The same is true if the insurance company thinks a pre-existing condition contributed to your injuries, that you’re claiming unnecessary treatments, or too many days off work. You need to keep in mind that your insurance company won’t pay more than the amount stipulated in your policy.

“Low-balling” is a tactic that some insurance companies utilize to negotiate a settlement that’s in their favor rather than yours. You may need an attorney to negotiate for you, but that door closes if you deposit a claims check in your account. Above all, respond to everything in writing and don’t forget to keep records of all your communications.

To determine if the settlement you’re offered is fair and accurate you must know the terms of your insurance policy. Take time to calculate the actual dollar amount for repairs or replacement of the vehicle. The insurer may overstate your role in the accident in an effort to pay less or understate the condition of your vehicle when the accident occurred.

It’s also important that all of your medical expenses are counted. That can include current and future treatment, medications, physical therapy, the cost of mileage to and from medical appointments, and any out-of-pocket expenses incurred. Lost wages, mental anxiety, pain and trauma, and the inability to enjoy life or return to your previous employment should all be taken into account.

Many individuals have insurance companies that shoulder their part of any costs without any problems or delaying tactics. Everyone isn’t so fortunate, however. It may require you to engage the services of an attorney if your insurance company is denying the claim or underestimating it and they refuse to negotiate.

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