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Car Insurance Tips for new Drivers

Car insurance can be confusing for veteran drivers and even more so when adding a new and inexperienced driver to a policy. Policy premiums will definitely increase, but there are some ways to mitigate the costs. It can require a little research on the part of parents, but expending a little extra time initially can save significantly on insurance costs over the long term.

Statistics show that young drivers are more likely to have an accident and are more prone to taking chances or being distracted. While parents are teaching their young drivers and hoping they won’t be in an accident, insurance companies are assuming that a new driver will be involved in a crash at some point and increase premiums to cover any losses they have to pay.

There are some steps and precautions that individuals can take to minimize the cost when they add a new driver to their insurance policy. It will also help in keeping a new driver safe while easing the cost of car insurance.

Cheap Cars

The insurance company will want to know which car the new driver will be using. Assign them to the car that’s least expensive to insure. Unless told otherwise, many insurance companies will automatically assign the new driver to the most expensive vehicle and parents could find their child listed as the driver of their sports car.

College Students

If the new driver is a college student, some insurance companies offer a discount when the child is away at college. The requirements can differ between insurers. Some require that the student is more than 100 miles away, while others require that the student is under a certain age.

Driver’s Education

A driver’s education course is required in Florida for all first-time drivers before they can obtain a learner’s permit. It may be tempting for parents to try teaching their children how to drive, but it’s a bad idea. Free courses are offered online and can be accessed anytime it’s convenient.

Research Rates

Being with the same insurance company for many years won’t guarantee a policy holder the best rates. Shop around for rates and discounts available at other insurance companies. When adding a new driver, it pays to perform due diligence. It could result in hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

Safe Driving Apps

Many insurance companies offer discounts for using their safe driver apps. There are a number of independent apps that parents can also use to monitor their young driver’s location and will silence phones when the vehicle is in motion. Distracted driving is one of the top reasons that teens and young adults are involved in accidents.

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