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Life Changes that Affect your Insurance Needs

There are many events that will impact you and those closest to you on your journey through life. As life unfolds, you’ll need insurance to commiserate with your level of risk and to protect what you’ve achieved.


You and your spouse will be combining households, but you’ll each need a life insurance policy to cover funeral costs at a minimum. If either of you have outstanding debts or medical expenses, you may want a policy that will enable those costs to be paid off if you die unexpectedly. You can prepay your funeral through an insurance policy and there are other options available to accommodate multiple needs.

Birth of children

To provide for your children, you have the option of a term life insurance policy that typically has a lower monthly premium if you want to protect them from expenses should something happen to you. A whole life insurance policy is the best solution if you want to leave a financial legacy, pay for their education, or if they may need care for years to come.

Buying a house

When you buy a house, you’ll need homeowner’s insurance for the home, its contents and outbuildings. It will protect your investment in the event of a natural disaster, fire, theft, and vandalism. It also provides coverage in the event that someone is injured on your property. Don’t overlook the benefits of renter’s insurance if you rent or lease.

Changing jobs

You can’t count on an employer offering health, short or long-term disability, or life insurance. Even if they do, it may not provide adequate coverage for your needs. In many instances, you may have to work for at least three months before you’re eligible to sign up for benefits.

Getting a divorce

If you’re responsible for paying child support, an insurance policy is a safety net that can enable you to continue to meet that financial responsibility even if you’re injured or disabled. It can also be a solution for paying for a child’s higher education.

Launching a business

Business insurance provides a variety of protections in the event that a client, customer or employee is injured. It can also protect against losses due to supply chain disruptions, loss of income, taxes and payroll costs, and relocation expenses, along with lease, mortgage and rental payments.


There are many different insurance policies that can benefit you during retirement. Depending on your needs, a policy can pay for an adult child’s ongoing care after you’re gone, your own care if you have medical needs, or allow you to begin a passion project.

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