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Inventory your Belongings with Photos

People purchase and collect an extensive range of items that can be extremely expensive to replace if they’re stolen or destroyed. It’s not enough to simply tell your insurance company that you owned a work of art or a diamond necklace. You’ll need to provide proof and one of the best ways to do that is by inventorying your possessions with photos.

Family heirlooms, memorabilia, financial documents, jewelry, china, artwork, and a wide variety of other items should be documented with photos to provide an accurate representation of assets. It will also provide you and your insurance agent with the information needed to insure valuables for their true worth. Your agent can provide you with any specific requirements the insurance company may have for documentation.

Valuables encompass far more than the possessions you may use for special occasions or keep on display. The items you use in your everyday life should also be documented. They’re often worth more than you may think and represent a considerable financial outlay should they need to be replaced. That can include exercise and recreational equipment, books and DVDs, garments, electronics, and furniture.

Home inventory photos for insurance documentation purposes should be clear, crisp, and close. Images can be captured easily with a digital camera and you’ll need a printed copy of each. It’s a good idea to note on the back of each photo what it is and where it was within the home. Be sure to include any unique identifying marks such as model and serial numbers when applicable.

When dealing with antiques, artwork, memorabilia, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items, it’s always a good idea to have them professionally appraised. In addition to a photo of the item, take a photo of the appraisal. Some insurance companies place a cap on the value of certain items and you may need to take out a rider to ensure they’re adequately covered.

Be sure to keep your inventory in a safe place. Some insurance companies will provide storage for customers, but a personal safe deposit box is preferable. With today’s technology, it’s possible to store all the photos you take on one or more flash drives, thumb drives, or other portable digital storage device and stored in the safe deposit box. Images can be printed as needed.

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