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Why Navigating Online Insurance is Exhausting

The decision to change insurance companies, or at the very least conduct comparison pricing, using online resources can be far more arduous than anticipated. Even aggregate websites that promise to find the best prices from dozens of insurers can leave individuals feeling more confused than before they started. There are numerous reasons why navigating online insurance is exhausting that includes the following.

Time Consuming

Even with online insurance sites that can provide quotes from several companies, it’s a time consuming process. Before individuals can get a quote, they may be required to enter how much liability and personal injury coverage they want – a figure few people know – and there may be minimums required.

Emotionally Draining

Believe it or not, searching online for insurance is emotionally draining and it’s doubly difficult if a final decision isn’t made during the initial search. It’s at this point that many individuals become frustrated and simply give up, choosing to keep their current insurer even if it’s more expensive.

Remembering Offers

Simply trying to remember the sheer number of insurance companies and accompanying information leaves many people wishing they had a photographic memory. The range of costs, deals, and discounts for new customers or bundling can be extremely confusing.


Many online insurance quote websites require individuals to create an account before they can access any services. That means trying to remember another username and password.

Captive Agent

If individuals are fortunate enough to open an online chat or otherwise communicate with the agent behind the website, he/she may be a “captive agent.” That means he/she works for a specific insurer and will promote their products to the exclusion of others.

No Negotiation

There is typically little, if any, communication with a live person at online insurance sites. That means individuals may not receive discounts to which they’re entitled for multiple vehicles, clean driving records, or bundling services. Making contact with a local agent is the best way to compare quotes, ensure adequate coverage, and obtain all the discounts available

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