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Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance Requirements

Workers Compensation insurance is a fact of life for most businesses and provides protection for business owners and employees. It provides employees with medical care and a portion of their wages should they become injured while on the job. It also provides vocational rehabilitation and ongoing care until an employee returns to work, along with death benefits for a work-related accident resulting in death.

Requirements for Businesses

Almost every business in Florida is required to have Workers Compensation insurance, but it can be extremely confusing to business owners since there are exemptions and exceptions. Requirements for insurance coverage are reliant on the number of people a business employs and the industry. Coverage also depends on whether an individual is a sole proprietor, partner, or an independent contractor.

Companies that have 4 or less employees, except for agricultural and construction companies, don’t have to carry Workers Comp insurance. Agricultural companies that have 6 or less full-time employees, or 12 or less seasonal employees, aren’t required to carry Workers Comp coverage. The rules become even more confusing when a business is diversified and could be listed in more than one industry.


Businesses can incur fines if they’re required to have the insurance and don’t. The cost of insurance for employers will vary depending on the job risk and if the business has filed a claim in the past. The length of time the business has been in operation and the expense related with any previous claim will also be factored in.

It’s essential that business owners consult with an insurance professional that’s well-versed in Workers Compensation requirements. There are a number of exclusions and exceptions to Workers Comp rules in Florida and an insurance specialist can guide clients in meeting requirements and minimizing coverage costs. The insurance provides benefits for employees and protects employers from lawsuits.

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