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Tiny House Insurance

How to Insure Your Tiny House

There’s a movement across the U.S. toward tiny houses. The eco-friendly housing is helping people lower their carbon footprint and reduce their cost of living. Florida ranks second as the most popular state for tiny home living and insurance companies have responded by providing individuals with insurance for the tiny dwellings.

Tiny house insurance is required in Florid for construction, towing and parking of the homes. Coverage is available, but it works a little differently than traditional homeowner’s insurance policies. Your tiny home can be insured as an RV or a manufactured home through a specialty insurance company. If insured as a manufactured home, it must meet HUD’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

If insured as an RV, it needs certification from the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Only licensed manufacturers can produce an RV. Certification ensures that wiring and similar systems adhere to current safety codes. Once your tiny home has RVIA certification, an RV insurance policy can be issued that provides coverage for damage, liability and contents. RV insurance is essential if your tiny house will be moved periodically.

It’s important that you shop around for the right insurance provider. Some insurers require a separate policy for personal contents. Other companies will cover the home from the day of construction, while others won’t write a policy until the home is set up in a permanent location.

Tiny homes are an investment like any other and needs protection, no matter how you decide to insure it. Tiny houses are being used as residences and many people are using them as offices, guest houses, and weekend retreats. They’re also being utilized as studios, workshops, rental units for extra income, and even as a place for homeschooling. No matter what purpose your tiny house will serve, it’s an affordable option that satisfies a variety of needs.

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