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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Theft?

Homeowners are primarily concerned with protecting their homes against damage from fires,
tornadoes and storms that can produce high winds and hail. A homeowner’s policy also protects
homes against smoke, vandalism and theft.
According to statistics, break-in occurs every 15 to 25 seconds in the U.S. Most burglaries occur
between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. when people are away at work and school – they’re not nighttime
intrusions. They’re most frequent during June-Aug., coinciding with prime vacation times.
Burglars want to get in and out of homes as quickly as possible. A break-in lasts an average of 8
to 10 minutes, but causes lasting damage to a family’s sense of safety.
Theft and Damage
A homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for repairing or replacing doors or windows
where a burglar gained access. It also covers personal property that’s stolen or damaged during
the event. Coverage includes everything from furniture and electronics to appliances and
All thefts don’t involve the dwelling. Thieves often abscond with lawn mowers and other lawn
care equipment, along with power tools and trailers. Depending on the policy, items such as
plants, statuary and lawn ornaments may also be covered if they’re stolen or damaged.
The amount of reimbursement will depend on the terms of the homeowner’s policy. Individuals
with actual cash value (ACV) coverage will be reimbursed for an item’s current cost – minus
depreciation for its age and condition. Those with replacement cost value (RCV) will be
reimbursed for the price of items at their current market value without any depreciation.
Specialty Items
High-ticket valuables such as jewelry, collectibles, and works of art may not be covered under
an ordinary homeowner’s policy and if they are, coverage is limited to a certain percentage.
Those types of items often require an appraisal by a professional and a separate policy through
a specialty insurer.

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