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Personal Cyber Protection

What is Personal Cyber Protection?

The internet can sometimes seem like the Wild West in terms of threats, with new online risks appearing almost every day. Most people think of cyber attacks as something that happens to big corporations, but it frequently happens to individuals in the form of identity theft. Cyber insurance provides personal cyber protection which covers individuals for a wide range of cyber-related problems.

Personal Cyber Protection

Personal cyber insurance can be purchased as an add-on to homeowners, condo and renters’ insurance. The policy comes with a deductible and some insurers only offer it for high-end insurance policies. Depending on the policy, the insurance can provide protection against financial loss, data breaches, online fraud, cyber extortion, and even cyberbullying. Make sure the insurance includes multiple devices such as computers, phones, gaming systems, and even smart TVs.

Many individuals don’t know that they can add personal cyber insurance to their policy. Always ask. The majority of people rely on antivirus software, identity theft insurance or credit monitoring services for protection. Those methods aren’t completely foolproof and they often don’t address financial losses that are incurred.

A good example for the benefits of personal cyber insurance is the Log4j software segment, a common utility of software applications. Everyone from teens to serious hackers are exploiting the vulnerability. The Department of Homeland Cyber Security has sounded an alarm about it and expects it to be an ongoing problem for at least 3 years.

While it’s the responsibility of companies to mitigate the threat on their servers, personal users know from past experience how vigilant companies can be simply by looking at the times major companies have been hacked. Personal cyber protection protects the individuals using the internet to bank, shop, play and communicate.

Individuals need to act responsibly in regard to cyber threats. Don’t save credit or debit information on websites and never open an email from an unknown sender. Keep computers and virus protection updated and current. Use strong passwords and change them every 2 to 3 months. Keep a digital backup of important documents. Those precautions will help mitigate the threat of a cyber attack and personal cyber insurance will take care of the rest.

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