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Does Marriage Affect Car Insurance?

Marriage is just one life event that will affect car insurance. The most important factor for
policy holders is that it will typically reduce the amount of premiums, since statistics show that
married couples tend to be safer drivers than others.
Single and divorced individuals pay the highest rates, while widows and married people pay the
lowest. Married people also tend to file fewer claims than any other demographic. Car
insurance after marriage can be straight forward, but it can also present complications and
confusion, depending on a variety of factors.
Combining Coverage
In many instances, it can be financially prudent to just add a spouse to one of the existing
policies. Some insurers will allow policy holders to reap the benefits of cheaper premiums even
if the couple don’t have a joint policy. Don’t be hesitant about comparing each spouse’s policy
to get the best pricing – or exploring the costs from entirely different insurers.
If one of the spouses has a driving record with violations or accidents, combining insurance may
not be the best route – and it can be more expensive. Speak with an agent to make an informed
Domestic Partnership
Couple dynamics are changing and the insurance industry is evolving with it. Many people are
choosing to live together rather than get married. Some insurers will allow those in domestic
partnerships to purchase insurance that provides the same coverage as if they were married –
provided the other person is a joint owner of the vehicle. Anyone living in the home should be
listed as a driver.
Insurance companies often offer a discount if couples maintain their car and home/renter’s
insurance with the same company. Discounts may also be available for maintaining a good
driving record, paying the cost all at once instead of in monthly installments, by driving fewer
miles, or insuring more than one car.


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