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Is Moving Included in Your Home Insurance Policy?

Protecting your home and possessions with a homeowner’s policy is essential. Whether your
homeowner’s policy covers the contents of your home during a move and while they’re in
transit will depend on the type of coverage you have. It’s critical to have your insurance agent
clarify this, especially for those that regularly relocate for work, educational opportunities or
the military.
Self-Moving vs. Professionals
Insurance covers possessions while they’re in the home. Some policies exclude damage that’s
incurred if you’re moving the items yourself. Look for exclusions.
If you hire a professional moving company to transport your possessions, make sure they’re
licensed, insured, and read the contract carefully to determine the extent of the coverage they
Many movers limit payment to $1 or less per pound. Seek a moving company that include
restoration or replacement costs for any damage done. Federal law requires state-to-state
movers to offer minimum liability or full value replacement options, but there are different
ways that loss is calculated, depending on the state.
Type of Loss
Many policies only cover catastrophic losses rather than individual items. That type of coverage
typically applies to items in a storage facility or aboard a professional moving truck. Simple
breakage usually isn’t covered.
Questions to Ask
There are a number of relevant questions to ask your insurance agent when obtaining a
homeowner’s policy. It will help you make an informed decision
 Are items covered when I move
 Are items covered if I move them myself or if a professional mover performs the
 Should I purchase separate moving insurance
 Under what circumstances is coverage provided
 What damages are covered and any items that aren’t covered
 Deductible that must be paid when items are damaged
Be sure to ask movers if there’s an additional charge for insurance, if there’s a deductible, and
how they calculate loss.

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