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Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Flooding?

The coverage for a flooding event can be extremely confusing for homeowners. A standard
homeowner’s insurance policy covers flooding in the home – under certain circumstances. It
does not cover flooding resulting from hurricanes. A separate policy through FEMA is required
for that.
Pipes, Hoses and Appliances
Homeowner’s policies will cover damages that result from a burst pipe, a leaky pipe or water
heater, a hose on an appliance such as a dishwasher, or other water-related situation that
originates inside the home.
However, there are exceptions, known as exclusions, that are written into homeowner’s
policies. Claims are routinely rejected if the insurer deems that the damage was caused by an
action or lack of preventative action on the part of the policy holder.
Damage to a roof is typically covered due to hail or high winds that enables rain to enter. The
insurer has expectations of the homeowner and if those aren’t met the claim will be denied.
Homeowners are required to mitigate further damage by tarping a leaky roof. Failure to do so
will be viewed as negligence on the part of the homeowner and the claim will be denied.
A claim for water damage due to a roof leak can be tricky. Many insurers require that
homeowners prove that wind damage occurred first. Shingles nearing the end of their life span,
or even algae growth and low-hanging tree branches, are often used by insurance agencies as
an excuse for denying a claim.
Outside Sources
Damages resulting from sewer and septic problems usually aren’t covered. A problem that
more people are facing is damage resulting from poor drainage planning on the part of new
development projects. Homeowner’s insurance won’t cover damage for that cause. It’s up to
the homeowner to remedy the problem – at their own expense – by diverting the runoff or
capturing it in some way before it reaches the home.

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