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Summer Fires

Preventing Summer Fires

Summer is a time for fun outdoor activities, but individuals should know that it’s also the time of year in South Florida when there’s a spike in fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the peak month for fires is July, followed by May, June and August.

It’s a good time for individuals to examine their insurance policy to ensure they have adequate coverage and learn measures they can take to help prevent a pleasurable gathering from turning into a disaster.

Fire Sources

Embers from grills, firepits, air conditioning units – and even insect repellent candles – can cause a blaze that results in a claim to the insurance company. It’s imperative the individuals take appropriate precautions.


There are on average, 5,700 grill-related home fires each year. Charcoal-based grills lead the way as a causal agent, but gas grills can also spark flames. A blaze can erupt due to a spark from an igniter, mechanical dysfunction or coals. Keep grill racks and drip pans clean and ensure they’re in optimal working condition before firing them up for the year. Don’t grill close to the home, deck or yard debris.


It’s fun to gather around the firepit, but not when the wind is high. Ensure there are no leaks from gas-burning firepits and. wood-burning firepits should be fully enclosed. Make sure the wind is calm before lighting a firepit. Keep children and pets a minimum of 3 ft. away.

Air Conditioning

Approximately 2,300 air conditioning fires occur each year. The primary cause is wiring that’s insufficient to carry the electrical load, short circuits, units that overheat, and air conditioners that malfunction due to a lack of proper maintenance. Let the AC work less by closing blinds and curtains during the day and use a fan to help circulate cool air. Always have the AC unit serviced before turning it on for the year.

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