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What is the Right Age to Start Investing in Health Insurance?

Health insurance is one of the most important protections in which an individual can invest. No one knows what the future may hold. Accidents, injuries and disability can occur without warning and some occupations make individuals more prone to health risks than others. Health insurance protects individuals and their families against financial ruin.

Younger is Better

Few young adults contemplate the potential for injury or a life-threatening illness. It’s typically something young people only think about when they get married or have children. From a financial perspective, purchasing insurance at a younger age when individuals are in good health is better due to less expensive rates.

Risk Factors

If a family history exists of health conditions such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, health insurance can provide coverage for screenings and tests for early detection, along with treatment if a problem arises.

The same is true in occupations in which people are exposed to chemicals and similar substances, many types of equipment, and jobs where the risk of a repetitive motion injury is likely. Preventative tests and screenings can aid in mitigating injuries before they occur or worsen.

Policies and Benefits

Most individuals obtain their health insurance coverage through their employers. Others get coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Employer-offered policies tend to be less expensive, require smaller co-pays, and provide a greater variety of services.

Financial Devastation

Medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcy, financial disaster, and poor credit ratings. People can find themselves paying on medical debt for years and dealing with debt recovery companies without healthcare insurance.

Essential Protection

Health insurance protects the physical health of individuals and their families, as well as their financial well-being. Medical expenses continue to increase. Having health insurance provides critical protection against illness, injuries and diseases that occur without warning and can cost thousands in out-of-pocket costs without coverage.

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