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Weird Traffic Laws

There are dozens of laws that states have on the books that are no longer applicable to modern times. In many instances, it makes you wonder what happened in the past to make it necessary to pass a specific law. The following are some weird traffic laws that are still on the books, but are seldom or never enforced.

  • If you hitch a goat, elephant or alligator to a parking meter in Florida, you have to feed the meter, just like it’s a vehicle.
  • It’s illegal in Massachusetts to let a gorilla ride in the back seat of a car.
  • You can’t honk someone else’s horn in Missouri.
  • Driving a car in Illinois without a steering wheel is illegal.
  • It’s illegal for women to drive while wearing a housecoat in California.
  • Fire trucks in Connecticut can’t exceed 25 mph, on the way to a fire.
  • It’s illegal for your pet to molest a vehicle in Fort Thomas, KY.
  • In Louisiana, a husband must wave a red flag in front of a car before his wife can drive it.
  • A woman can’t drive a car on Main St. in Virginia unless her husband walks in front of the car waving a red flag.
  • Anyone planning to commit a crime in the State of Washington must stop at the city limits and call the police chief before proceeding into a city.
  • It’s illegal to have a sheep in your truck without a chaperone in Montana.
  • Riding a camel on the highway in Nevada is illegal.
  • Drivers must yield to pedestrians when driving on the sidewalk in Oregon.
  • Riding a horse on the highway for racing purposes or to test its speed is illegal in Rhode Island.
  • Vehicles in Texas don’t need a windshield to be registered, but they do need windshield wipers.
  • It’s illegal to shoot any game animal from your car in Tennessee – except for whales.

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