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Benefits of Safe Driving Apps

Safe driving apps are becoming more commonplace and they’re particularly beneficial for drivers in the Sunshine State. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 333 fatalities, just due to distracted driving in 2021, the last year for which statistics are available. More than 50,000 distracted driving-related accidents occur each year.

Safe driving apps have a multitude of benefits. They’re available from insurance companies and independent versions can also be downloaded for iPhones and Android-based systems. They record a wide range of data that can help motorists of all ages become safer drivers.

Lower Insurance Rates

Perhaps the most attractive benefit for holders of a car insurance policy is lower rates – assuming it’s an app provided by the insurance company. A variety of insurance companies have their own apps that monitor driving practices and are typically the only app they utilize when assessing driving habits.

Conscientious Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are at higher risk of distracted driving and accidents due to inexperience. Simply knowing that they’re being monitored can aid in teaching teens to use greater caution. Parents can use the data collected to have conversations with their teens and decide if they need more practice before obtaining their license.

Mitigating Adult Driver Habits

Teens aren’t the only demographic that engage in potentially dangerous behaviors. Jack rabbit starts, hard braking, speeding, and phone usage are a problem with older drivers, too. The information recorded on the app can be a teaching tool for altering bad driving habits in adults.

Renew Rusty Skills

Over the years, even the best driver can allow their defensive driving skills to languish. A safe driving app can help individuals renew and refresh their defensive driving skills It can aid drivers in being more aware of their surroundings, spot potential problems and better able to avoid dangerous situations.

Less Wear and Tear on Vehicles

Fast acceleration, rapid stops and similar behaviors place a significant amount of stress on car components. Learning safer driving procedures will reduce wear and tear on parts, resulting in fewer maintenance and repair costs.

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