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Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts on car insurance policies, but discounts are also available on your homeowner’s policy. The exact discounts available and amount of savings you’ll experience will depend on the insurance company. Be sure to ask about discounts as your agent probably won’t mention them.


This is a discount that’s offered when individuals insure their auto and home with the same company.

Payment in Full

Most people pay their insurance premiums on a monthly basis. Paying the entire amount in full can qualify for a discount.

Making Homes Safer

Insurers may reward you for Installing fire alarms, a sprinkler system, or security system. Devices such as leak detectors and smart locks may also qualify.

Fortified Homes

Stormproof shingles, shatterproof glass windows, and steel doors are just 3 of the ways you can earn a discount for fortifying your home to prevent and mitigate damage.

Energy Efficiency

Discounts are available from some insurers for energy efficient windows, water heaters, appliances, or installing solar panels.

Not Filing a Claim

A no-claims or claims-free discount may be available if you’ve been with the company for many years and haven’t filed a claim.

New Home Construction

A new home is constructed to the newest safety standards, making it less prone to damage and disasters than older homes.

HOA Discount

Insurance companies view HOAs with favor since they contain surveillance and are well-maintained, reducing the risk for vandalism and theft.

Loyalty Discount

Being a customer for 5 or more years can make you eligible for a loyalty discount.

Military and Other Affiliations

Those serving in the military and their families can often receive a discount. Insurers also offer discounts to clients that are members of, or have an affiliation with, certain organizations, along with people in certain occupations.


Retired people typically spend more time at home. That aids in reducing thefts and burglaries, which can earn clients a discount.

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