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Can Rain Sink My Boat?

Hurricanes are uppermost in the minds of Florida residents from June 1 to Nov. 30 of each year. What many boat owners fail to realize is that storm fronts can dump copious amounts of rain that can sink their craft. While heavy rains can sink smaller watercraft, that doesn’t mean that larger vessels are safe from damage. Rainwater can accumulate and damage decking and other systems. It’s just one of the reasons why covers are an excellent idea and why an insurance policy is essential for protecting your craft whether it’s for pleasure or used to generate income.

Water, Volume and Motion

A gallon of water weighs about 8.34 lbs. However, the density of the water can change according to the volume of liquid involved and its temperature. It’s not just the amount of water that falls in your boat that you need to consider. It’s also the motion of the vessel Sloshing water from wave action can overwhelm the watercraft’s ability to right itself. It begins to list, taking on water from the lake or ocean in which it’s been placed. The potential is exacerbated if rain is accompanied by high winds. It’s much more likely to occur with smaller watercraft, but it can happen with larger vessels.

Protect Your Investment

A good insurance policy is critical for protecting your craft against all sorts of risks and damage. As a boat owner, it’s your responsibility to take appropriate measures to avoid or mitigate potential damage. That means always being aware of prevailing weather conditions and taking action before a storm arrives. A cover protects vessels, possessions and devices on the boat from the elements and will aid in protecting them against theft. Always check the status of your boat and make sure drains are clear before leaving for an outing, no matter what the size.

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