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Clean Your Garage for Safety

Rare is the garage that’s organized. For most people, a garage turns into a catch-all that may or may not actually provide enough room to park a vehicle. There are some very good reasons you should organize your garage. It can aid in mitigating:

  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Falling off a ladder to reach stored items
  • Injuries from improperly stored chemicals
  • Fire due to improperly stored flammable and combustible liquids
  • Fire due to chewing of rodents
  • Theft of valuable tools and lawn equipment

Where to Start

Cleaning and organizing the garage can seem like an overwhelming task. If your garage situation has gotten out of hand, there are ways to control the clutter that won’t make you feel like you’re emptying the ocean with a teacup.

Choose a Goal

You may want to finally park your car in the garage. Insurers may give a discount for consistently parking in a locked garage. Decide how you want to use your garage to facilitate organization.

Take Your Time

You can tackle the task a little at a time, but be sure and pace yourself. The garage didn’t get cluttered in a day and it’s going to require more than a couple of hours to get it back in shape.

Different Groups

Decide where you’re going to store different groups of items. Keep tools in one area and lawn care items in another, for example.

Add Shelfs

One of the best organizational measures you can take is adding shelving. The storage space is invaluable for organization and efficiency.

Only Keep What You Need

As you sort through the clutter, keep essential items and place the rest in a separate area. Some items will simply be thrown away. You might want to consider holding a garage sale to get rid of things that are still serviceable – and you can earn a little extra cash in the process.

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