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Is Your Car Roadworthy For Your Summer Trip?

Everyone loves a road trip, right?  The freedom of the open road is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and taking a trip with your friends and family during your summer vacation is a great way to see the very best the USA has to offer.

But before you head on out, be sure that your car can withstand the journey.  Long roads, hot sunshine, and mile upon mile of interstate driving can take its toll on your vehicle.  If you are planning a road trip this summer, follow these top tips to ensure that your car will safely deliver you and yours to your chosen destination.

  1. Have You Car Checked Over

If you haven’t kept up to date with your service schedule, or would just like some extra piece of mind, have a mechanic check over your car before you travel.  For the sake of a few dollars, and a couple of hours at the garage, you can protect yourself from breakdowns on the road.

  1. Check Your Tire Pressure

Summer road trips put additional pressure on your car’s tires.  Not only can an underinflated tire affect your fuel efficiency, but running your car with extra passengers on sun-baked roads can increase the risk of a blowout. Follow the tire pressure recommendations listed in your owners manual, before filling them up at the gas station.

  1. Get the A/C Serviced

If the air conditioning in your vehicle doesn’t feel cool enough, take it for a professional check-up before you leave, so that your passengers will be cool and comfortable for the duration of your journey. An air conditioning technician will be able to see if your system is suffering from any leaks,  and will be able to clean or replace the vital filters that are designed to keep pollen and dust out of your car.

  1. Keep Clean And Be Seen

Giving your car a good clean inside and out will not only make it feel brand new again, but it can also help you to be seen on the road.  Driving every day in hot and dusty conditions can lead to dull and dirty headlights that will start to shine less brightly. Be seen at night wherever you go by giving your headlights (and the rest of your car too) a good going over before you set out on your trip.  You should also look at replacing broken or burnt out lamps, and take an extra one with you for the journey.

  1. Fill Up

Stopping at gas stations along the way will be an intrinsic part of your road trip, but before you leave home, be sure to fill up with gas so you can make good progress before you have to stop again.  Engines run better on quality gas and not value brands, especially on long journeys, so invest in a premium brand gas for your road trip.

  1. Keep The Kids Entertained

If you have young explorers coming with you, fill up with books, crayons, iPads, music players and anything else that will help to pass the time.  No driver wants to be distracted by fighting children, and your kids will enjoy themselves more if they are not bored of just staring out of the window.

  1. Finally, check your insurance coverage

Before you leave home, check your insurance policy documents to see what is and isn’t covered.  If you are traveling out-of-state on your road trip, you may want to purchase additional coverage, and your insurance agent should be able to rise you how much coverage is required to ensure that you are covered.  You should also check your breakdown coverage if you have any, and keep useful numbers in the car in case you do breakdown on your trip.

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