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What is Body Part Insurance?

Insuring body parts isn’t anything new in the world of celebrities, but it is a rare type of insurance that now counts athletes among its numbers. The entire point of insuring a body part is to supplement a loss of income should that body part become injured, damaged, scarred, handicapped or lost, preventing the individual from continuing to use it to generate income.

Actors, singer, dancers, musicians and athletes use specific body parts to earn a living. They’re considered assets and insurance provides income should the individual be unable to work. Body part insurance is a specialty, not offered by standard insurance companies, and generally unavailable to the average person.

Polices are custom-crafted to the individual. Surgeons often insure their hands and/or fingers, while chefs and wine experts have been known to insure their ability to taste and/or smell. Purchasing a body part insurance policy is also a way for individuals to generate publicity for themselves and increase their pay scale.

One of the first to make use of the policies was 1920s actor and comedian, Ben Turpin, who insured his trademark crossed eyes. Actress Betty Davis insured her waist in the event she ever lost work due to gaining weight. Fast forward to modern times. Madonna and Dolly Parton insured their breasts, Rihanna insured her legs, and Mariah Carry insured her legs and voice.

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian insured their derriere, while the smile of Julie Roberts and America Ferreira is insured. Some little-known insured body parts include Tom Jones chest hair, David Lee Roth’s sperm, Gene Simmons’ and Miley Cyrus’ tongue, and Troy Polamalu’s hair. Shirley MacLaine has a policy to protect her from losses due to alien abduction.

The equivalent body part insurance for an average American is available in the form of “death or dismemberment” policies due to an accident. Unfortunately, these policies typically require the body part to be completely lost. It’s an affordable option should people lose a body part and are unable to work, though the financial payout is much lower than that of celebrities.

There’s a big difference in the body parts that the average individual would insure compared to their celebrity counterparts. The most common body parts the average person would insure, in descending order, is the heart, eyes, legs, arms, lungs, liver, ears, mouth, pancreas and sexual organ.

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