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Are Solar Panels Covered on My Florida Homeowners Policy

 Solar panels are a great way of harnessing the awesome power of the Florida sun, and the more and more homeowners are choosing to install them. But, switching to solar power is an expensive investment and one that can cost homeowners as much as $30,000.

If you opt to install solar panels on your home, you will want to be sure that they are fully protected should a storm hit.  Hurricane damage can be commonplace across the Sunshine State, and both high winds and flooding could potentially cause damage to your property and your solar panels.

Whether or not they are covered will depend on your individual policy. Many will include them as part of your regular homeowner insurance, but you should not assume that this is the case with every provider.  Most solar energy systems, including the paneling on the roof, are considered a permanent attachment. Like a security system or a deck, solar panels are considered part of the home and therefore can be protected by a homeowner’s policy.

This does not automatically mean , however, that you will be entitled to file an insurance claim if problems occur.  There are some important factors that you will need to keep in mind:

Coverage Amounts Can Vary

As we have already mentioned, the installation cost of a solar energy system for your home can easily run into many thousands of dollars.  Before taking out insurance coverage, you should get confirmation that the claim limitations of the insurance policy’s replacement cost cover reflect the amount that it would cost you to repair or replace your panels. Anything less is not worth taking up as you could find yourself thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Not Every Type of Peril Is Covered

As a general guideline, most homeowner insurance policies will cover you against damage from fire, hail, explosions, riots, vandalism, theft, the weight of ice, snow or sleet and even volcanic eruptions. But, if your solar panels are destroyed or damaged as the result of a flood, hurricane or earthquake you will usually not be covered. In States where storms often represent a significant risk to property, you should consider looking for additional Hurricane coverage before you have your solar panels installed.

You Will Have to Pay Your Deductibles

The amount of money that you must pay in out-of-pocket expenses before your insurance company will pay for your claim will vary.  If your solar panels are damaged as a result of a hurricane you could be looking at a deductible percentage of anywhere between 5% and 10%.  As with homeowner deductibles, your insurance provider will deduct this fee from the amount they pay you when a claim is eventually settled.

Solar panels are a great way to provide Eco-friendly renewable energy for your home and keep your energy bills close to nothing.  But, if you already have them or are planning to have them installed, be sure that you have the right level of insurance coverage to repair or replace them should the worst happen.

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